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Patrick Lichfield (Studios) 


The Royal Mandardin Hotel, London

23 November 2011

Pippa Jane Wielgos

Six years after Lord Patrick Lichfield died of a stroke at the age of 66, his considerable legacy as a photographer is coming back into focus, with a major new retrospective, curated by the art historian Martin Harrison, who has also edited a forthcoming book of Lichfield's work.

The launch of the retrospective book “Perceptions” Patrick, Earl of Lichfield (1939 - 2005), which celebrates new and unseen vintage prints of the former Royal Photographer at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, (London), on the 23 November 2011, is followed by an exhibition of key iconographic, new and unseen vintage prints and works at the Chris Beetles Fine Photographs Gallery (London).

Curated by art historian Martin Harrison and divided in to sections on Memory, Land, Empires, Cultures and Styles, "Perceptions" covers a career of 40 years from the 1950's to 2005, half of which the images have been unseen.

Lord Patrick Lichfield, the Queen's former cousin, began to take photographs from the age of eight years old. He was associated with the world of glamour and chic from the first of his first sessions for Life, Queen and Vogue magazines. Following his training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Lichfield utilised his illustrious entree to a world inaccessible to many to document the world around him through a series of unique images.

As the official photographer at the wedding of The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, Lichfield also documented the iconographic stars of the stage and screen, politicians, models and socialites. In addition, he was an astute observer of the period in which he lived, photographing environments such as the East End of London and Speakers' Corner.

Juxtaposing new and unseen work, vintage and iconographic pictures, the book provides a retrospective of images that includes an early photograph of Joanna Lumley of 1965 before the 19-year-old Lumley had risen to fame as an actress, Nicole Kidman photographed in Sydney in 1986, (when the 19-year-old Australian actress had yet to become a Hollywood legend); also, early pictures of the actresses Susannah York, Jacqueline Bisset and Angelica Huston. Alongside these are images of Mick Jagger and the actor Roger Moore, taken throughout Lord Lichfield's career from the 1960s until his death from a stroke in 2005.

The exhibition was organised by Lady Annunziata Asquith and launched by John Barry Humphries, AO, CBE.

The exhibition design installation project management was sub-contracted to Phillipa Jane Wielgos for the evening launch of Patrick Lichfield (Studios) "Perceptions" at The Royal Mandarin Hotel Ballroom (London) on the 23 November 2011.  

Pre-exhibition publicity support was provided to the Chris Beetles Gallery by Pippa Jane PR (Phillipa Jane Wielgos).


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